You Have Achieved Parroty!
The pictures above are of Doc, our parrot.
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He is a "Meyers Green"  Captive bread, but native to North Africa. 
Click below to hear him whistle:

Jingle Bells

Theme from "Steptoe & Son"

Theme from "The Britas Empire"

Roll Call

A Little Irish Jig

The Proverbial Wolf-Whistle!

Below are some re-mixes of his own, which are very avant-garde!

     1    2    3

He is currently working on a modern rendition of the comedy classic "Goodness Gracious Me!"  Although an ambitious project, he is nearly there, and as long as the stress of it all doesn't get to him too much, it should be available for public release very soon. 
On tour with "The Doo-Daa Dog Band"

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