If you live in the UK and would like to learn Braille music, or want to know where to find transcribed pieces, you will find some helpful links on this page.

Learning Braille music.

The Hadley School for the Blind. Although based in Illinois, USA, the Hadley school will send you everything you need to learn Braille music and provide you with your own tutor who will mark your progress and be available by phone or E-mail to answer your questions. The course is absolutely free of charge and very comprehensive.

Finding Braille Pieces.

RNIB produces an extensive catalogue of Braille music, but titles are mostly for sale and not loan. This link is for an article on music notation for the blind, but for E-mail, Braille or cassette catalogues it would be better to phone them on:

09845 023153.

NLB Is a Braille library who are keen to promote Braille music. They lend books for players of all abilities as well as several volumes which teach the basics of music notation. You can search on-line for titles in their easy-to-use database or phone for advice on:

0161 3552000

Dancing Dots will transcribe a midi file or print score into Braille for you very quicly and charge by the Braille page. This company also sells the software and equipment for you to be able to do this for yourself at home. They also sell a course on learning to read Braille music but the price is somewhat prohibitive.

Mailing lists.

Braillem is a mailing list dedicated to those who are learning, using or transcribing Braille music. As well as deeper discussions on the future of the format and more complicated technical issues, newcomers to notation are made very welcome and encouraged to ask even the simplest of questions. You can subscribe by sending a blank e-mail to:


Blind-musicians is a group more focused on playing music rather than reading it, but some members can help with questions or offer alternative ways of learning pieces. Members range from beginners to professional artists and everyone is very friendly. Join in the chat straight away by sending a blank e-mail to:


General Links.

Read what George Shearing has to say about Braille music in this interview of 1966.

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