Shell's Knitting Links Page

Pleas click on one of the links below to find free knitting pattern sites which I have found particularly easy to navigate with speech software.


Both crochet and knitting patterns, updated monthly.

The frugal Knitting Haus'

Lots of easy patterns, often using left-over yarn.

Historical knitting

Lots of old patterns. Nice to knit and tell a lot about knitting in the past.

Yarn lovers room

Both crochet and knitting with a nice newsletter.

Crystal palace yarns

Nice crochet and knitting patterns for ladies.

Knitted lace

Lots of free patterns for the more experienced knitter.

Knitlist gifts

One of the largest collections of free patterns on the net, plus the largest knitting mailing list with almost 4000 members.

Knitting patterns to enjoy

A nice range of patterns to choose from.

Crochet Partners

The best site for a vast variety of patterns and the largest crochet list.

Crochet patterns

A nice general selection.


List of patterns in easy categories.

Crochet patterns to enjoy

Amongst these patterns are instructions for the afghan stitch,

and hairpin lace.

Afghan crochet tutorial

A good text explanation of the afghan stitch.

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