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Lep, Annette. Crocheting baby blankets and carriage covers. New York: Dover, 1983. (Dover needlework series). Braille

Patons. Hats and scarves to crochet. Patons, 1974.

Walters, James. The Harmony guide to crochet stitches: volume one; compiled by James Walters and Sylvia Cosh. London: Lyric Books Limited, 1990.

A comprehensive pattern library containing hundreds of different stitches written in easy-to-follow language and with a simple diagram. The patterns range from variations on the basic stitches to intricate and colourful textured fabrics. A concise, clearly illustrated introductory section explains the basic techniques of crochet from start to finish, including hints and tips on how to follow a pattern.

Wendy. Crochet hooded jacket: 16" - 20" (41 - 51 cm): Peter Pan Darling 4 ply: (No. P456). Wendy.

A baby jacket in a shell design with 3-button fastening at round, unpatterned chest yoke; hood attached.

MacDonald, Anne L. No idle hands: the social history of American knitting. New York: Ballantine Books, 1988 Braille version available from National Library for the Blind. American Braille.

Written by a lifelong knitter and historian, this book offers an account of kniting from the Pilgrim mothers to the men and women of the 1980's. Anne Macdonald shows how social and political changes have been reflected in knitting and offers some interesting anecdotes along the way.

Norbury, James. Knit with James Norbury: a supplement to BBC Woman's House. British Broadcasting Corporation, 1968.

This practical manual covers all aspects of the craft of knitting. From it absolute beginners can teach themselves to knit and professionals find ways of perfecting their techniques.

Loweth. Baby set: 18" - 20": DK or Baby quick knit: (No. 474). Loweth, 1978. Braille version

Coat, leggings, bonnet and helmet.

Patons. Patterns for toddlers: (No. 2012). Patons.

Patons. Patterns for toddlers: (No. 2342). Patons.

Patterns for babies: up to six months. 1972.

Children's cardigans and sweaters: 24" - 30": DK. 1973.

Patons. Children's cardigans and sweaters: DK: (No. 2099). Patons. Braille version available

Patons. Children's cardigan and sweaters: DK: (No. 2168). Patons. Braille version available

Patons. V and crew neck sweaters: 56-81 cm (22-32 in): (No. 8038); Patons. Alloa: Patons & Baldwins, 1985. RNIB Braille Sales. Current Prices: Subsidized, 0.76; Cost, 1.26; Export, 3.00, 1 volume. Order No. 542467

Children's round neck and V neck sweaters in garter stitch.

Patons. Children's cardigans and sweaters: Dk: (No. 8009). Together with (No. 2168 and No. 2099). Patons.

Bedjackets and bedcapes: 33" - 40". 1969.

Jarol. Family aran cardigans: 26" - 44": (No. 3089).

Lister. Nice and easy aran sweaters with cabled yoke detail: 32" - 38". Lister. Braille version

Patons. Ken's knitwear: a selection of knitting designs; compiled from pattern leaflets by Patons and Baldwins, Lister-Lee Target, Sirdar and Jaegar. Patons. Braille version available

Singer. Jumpers and cardigans: set in sleeves.

Machine knitting.

Patons. Ladies' fashion knitwear; by Patons et al. Patons, 1979. Braille version

Compiled and selected from patterns by Paton and Baldwins Limited, Lister Lee Target, Sirdar Limited, Wendy and Jaeger. Book 1: Cardigans, jackets and waistcoats. Book 2: Sweaters and tops. Book 3: Twinsets and twosomes. Book 4: The great outdoors.

Timeless twin-set: 32" - 42": Sunbeam Shaunting.

Patons. Dolls' clothes: for 18", 12" and 7" dolls: from Patons treasures booklet: (No. 184). Patons.

Patons. Dolls' clothes: for 14" doll: from Patons treasures booklet: (No. 184). Patons. Braille