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Tim Laughlin was born at the Touro Hospital in New Orleans, where he is still performing today. He took up both the clarinet at the age of 9, and although he played the alto sax at school, his main instrument has always been the clarinet.   He says this is because he saw lots of great sax players, but very few good clarinetists.  He is mostly known as a traditional New Orleans player, but he hates being labeled in any way and so has recently made some albums with more modern artists such as the pianist Peter Martin.  In an interview with tod Smith, he explained that he decided to study 6 clarinetists and incorporate the best features of each artist into his own playing.  The 6 clarinetists were Pete Fountain, Benny Goodman, Kenny Davern, Bob Wilber, Jack Mayhew and Connie Jones.  Pete Fountain was his main influence and Tim took very seriously Pete's advice to concentrate on getting a nice tone before worrying about fancy technique.
He has played and recorded with such artists as Tom Fisher, Buddy DeFranco, Jack Maheu, Al Hirt, Bob Wilber, Rebecca Kilgore, Harry Connick, Jr. Bob Haggart and Pete Fountain. Bands he has graced include New Orleans Nightcrawlers and 7 years with The Dukes of Dixieland.

He also composed many pieces, featured a solo in the film "double jeopardy", has made musical appearances in coffee adverts and played all over the world, including a memorable visit to Germany in the late 90s.
Tim Laughlin