Shell's Ftoggy Links Page

Please click on one of the links below, to take you to some of my favourite froggy sites on the net.

About Anphibians

Tells you everything you could want to know about the evolution, habitat and breeding habits of frogs.

Absolute Froggies

For jokes, pictures and sounds and even a live frogcam!


To see the funniest frog, learn how to keep a pet frog for the first time, get some froggie stuff for your computer and read some fascinating fables.

The Somewhat Amusing World of Frogs

A fabulous document packed with info and interesting facts.

Zola's frog page

Another collector of ornamental frogs

The Frog Pond

More pictures and great sounds.

The Hopping Frog Webring

There are more frog sites than I could possibly list here, containing everything you could ever want to know about anything related to wild, pet or ornamental frogs.


A list of nature related mailing lists for the UK.

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